I have spent years trying to find the right formula for building muscle and staying healthy. I weight train, hit the gym regularly and actively do Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)… yet this wasn’t enough.

It didn’t matter how much I managed my carbs or protein-loaded; if my body wasn’t ‘in the mood’ then gaining muscle was hard. Not only that but for the last few years I have noticed my body fat increasing and building muscle even harder.

That’s when I decided to do a little investigating and discovered a vital missing ingredient: testosterone.

Like everything in your body, there has to be a balance and testosterone is no different. Fail to manage it and low testosterone levels can affect everything from muscle mass and blood flows to your sex life!

It is simply something that you can’t do without, especially as with age your levels naturally start to deteriorate.

In fact, once you hit 30 it all starts to go downhill.

And I won’t lie – this information scared me. At 34 years old, I’m arguably still at my peak. I look after my body and don’t abuse it with alcohol and smoking. Yet everything I read told me that everything that came naturally to me – including testosterone – was slowly going to diminish.

And this knowledge angered me. It wasn’t fair!

That is when I made the active decision to learn everything I could about testosterone and how I could help to maintain it.

I did the research; adjusted my diet and tested out endlessly amounts of supplements until I found the right fit. However, this still didn’t feel like enough.

With all this knowledge floating around in my head, I knew I needed to share it, so I created this website.

I have poured my countless hours of research into the best ways to naturally increase testosterone, so you can quickly discover the good, the bad and the ugly of testosterone boosters. I have personally tested every single one that I feature on this website, so you can be confident that everything I have written is real, genuine and honest.

So if you’re interested in offering your body the best that the market has got to offer, explore Test XXL today.